Watch Spring Breakers Online Free Selena Gomez Movie

Watch Spring Breakers Online Free Selena Gomez Movie within minutes in high definition quality. Never one to be outdone in such things, Harmony Korine hoists his bong and beer funnel high in Spring Breakers, a full-bodied (and bare-bodied) paean to lurid debauchery. The former enfant terrible, still most famous for scripting Kids (1995) at age 18 and moving on to Gummo (1997), says he never went south to experience a spring break personally. The good news is he’s made up for it in spectacular fashion: Right from the start, we’re immersed in slo-mo beach jiggle and the pounding squelch-dance of Skrillex (the soundtrack, also by frequent Soderbergh collaborator Cliff Martinez, creates a humidity of its own). So fully does Spring Breakers mount an atmosphere of swirling arms, blithe female availability and lubricated torsos, you can almost smell the sex stink.

watchbuttonnew1Watch spring breakers movie And yet the inanity of it lingers when the sensation starts to dull. True to the Korine spirit of calculated scandal, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens molt the remainder of their squeaky-clean Disney image as two in a quartet of friends (Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine are the others) determined to head from Nowheresville, U.S.A. to Florida for spring break. Lacking the necessary funds, three of them cajole good girl Gomez into knocking off a diner with squirt guns and sledgehammers, and they hightail it down the freeway with their ill-gotten cash. Florida turns out to be every bit the end-of-the-world bacchanal they dreamed it would be, but the cops inevitably round them up and throw them in jail. They find a surprise benefactor in James Franco, a blinged-out gangsta who bails them out and proceeds to get them into deeper trouble.

Watch Spring breakers online free selena gomez one of the effects of Korine’s feverish, hypnotic style is that the whole thing feels like a fantasy—or rather a nightmare perversion of the American dream. Dictated by the expectations that St. Petersburg, Florida is the best place on Earth for two weeks every year—a sentiment repeated in voiceover by Faith despite all visual evidence to the contrary—and then finding those hopes dashed with their arrest, the women live out another fantasy. If snorting lines of coke and fucking is one aspect of American privilege that we wink at, then gangsterism is the dark side of that lifestyle, an extension of the same impulses (sex and power) that dictate why kids flock to Florida every year in the first place—and a culture similarly mainstreamed by MTV.

spring breakers movie online

Watch spring breakers online stream All of this should equal a gold mine for a certain kind of audience, but Korine—like his onetime mentor, Larry Clark—has a brass-ring–grabbing instinct that pushes his salaciousness into capital letters. He’s going for a tongue-in-cheek Statement About Our Lost Youth and the pretension is so obvious, you want to hug him for it. First, we’re in a near-parody of a mediocre college, where Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), Cotty (Rachel Korine, the director’s game wife) and goody-two-shoes Faith (Selena Gomez, never required to shed her squareness) take to their dorm hallways in flouncing displays of bare-legged gymnastics. Korine lays the bored young women out on a disgusting bathroom floor, counting their cash and dreaming of escape. The more lawless of the quartet get high and rob a chicken shack (Korine, ever the professor, emphasizes the line, “Act like you’re in a video game or something”).

Watch Spring breaker (2012) movie online free without download It all plays out in a final flourish of DayGlo Scarface wish fulfillment, and you can’t really believe what you’re watching. Alien—and Korine—tell us it’s the American dream come true, and even if you resist going there with them, the have-your-cake-and-fling-it-too stupidity is breathtaking. It takes some kind of cracked artistry to put coeds in hot-pink ski masks and have them twirl around to a Britney Spears ballad toting machine guns. Spring Breakers is either an inspired satire of the youth movie or the most irresponsible comedy mainstream Hollywood will never make. The bros in your crowd will call it rad—and radical it is.

Even some of the film’s more intellectually feeble conceits, such as juxtaposing the girls’ telephone calls home to their parents with footage of their not-so-innocent behavior that proves them liars, becomes part of the warp and woof of the film’s texture the more these sequences are repeated. Only Faith’s plight (no irony apparently intended in her naming) and her unsuccessful search for utopia brings the film too close to the sort of character-based drama it has no business trading in. But for the most part, as the movie spins into more and more gonzo territory, two of the girls sticking around long after all their classmates have gone home, the oozy surreality takes over completely and the sense of endlessness, of being stuck in a world that obeys its own logic and leaves no room for escape, becomes overwhelming. Desperately, the characters repeat the refrain “Watch Spring break online free forever!” In one regard, it’s a hollow sentiment, a lament for their inability to achieve the traditional thrills promised by MTV. In another, more significant sense, however, it’s an accurate descriptor of the film’s K-hole sensibility. For Korine, spring break is a beautiful nightmare from which we will never awake.


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